Thematic Sector Piece

The London-based team of this asset management company invests globally on a thematic basis. After identifying a particular industry of a major emerging economy as an area of interest, the client commissioned Denny Ellison to research this theme and write a wide-ranging report, identifying significant trends and opportunities, and highlighting public companies that could benefit from them.

As the report was bespoke, the client was able to specify particular areas of interest and focus, ensuring that the research would fully meet its needs and fit into its investment process.

Though research on this topic was available from other sell-side houses, the client had not found any that addressed its needs in the breadth and detail required, or that adequately integrated specific company reports into an overall picture of the industry. By listening to what the client really wanted, Denny Ellison was able to fill this gap.

What makes Denny Ellison different is their ability to deliver research that is customised to our requirements. Their experienced analysts add real value to our research process. The standard of research is as high as you can find anywhere, and better yet, it is tailor made just for us.

Global Equity Fund Management Team, London