Company-Specific Reports

This respected asset management firm is comprised of a small team of investors with a very specific investment ideology and approach. They currently have no desire to expand their team, but need to continually evaluate a large range of publicly traded stocks. Therefore the client selects companies from time to time, on an ongoing basis, and commissions Denny Ellison to research them. We understand the client’s investment philosophy and valuation methods, and approach the research and modelling with this mindset.

Each research report is delivered using the client’s internally-developed template, ensuring that our work fits seamlessly into their existing portfolio management process. The client therefore has access to research on a recurring basis that meets its stringent criteria, but without the cost of having to bring additional talent in-house.

We have worked with Denny Ellison on several occasions. We are impressed by the customised effort and direct relationship that the company offers. Their analysts understand our investment orientation and expectations, and they deliver research on time, with a high attention to detail. The company exhibits good management and professionalism.

Value Fund Manager, London