How to Be a Successful Equity Research Analyst

About the book

Gillian Elcock and Eveline Varin are currently working on a book titled “How to Be a Successful Equity Research Analyst”. It is a follow-up to Gillian’s interview guide “How to Get an Equity Research Analyst Job”.

This new book will give instructions, advice and best practice examples that encompass both the “hard” and “soft” skills that are crucial for the role of the equity research analyst.

How to Get an Equity Research Analyst Job

About the book

This award winning* book is written by an experienced equity research analyst. Targeted towards business school and undergraduate students, it is a primer on how to break into the asset management industry. The book is also useful for people who want to make a career switch into equity research, and for those who are interested in sell side equity research positions.

The book includes:

  • An overview of the asset management industry, also known as the “buy side”.
  • Description of the role of the equity research analyst, including a comparison of the buy side and sell side jobs.
  • Tips on preparing a great resume and cover letter.
  • Details about all the most common interview types you are likely to encounter, and how best to prepare for them.
  • Advice on how to be successful once you start your career as an equity research analyst.

*Winner of 2012 National Indie Excellence Award in the
Career category

This book has given me enough confidence to ace the equity research interviews and has definitely given me an edge over other candidates. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in equity research!

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About the Author

Gillian Elcock worked as an equity research analyst for several years at asset management companies in the U.S.A. and the UK, including Putnam Investments and Insight Investment. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Denny Ellison. Gillian started her career as a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group. She holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and MEng and BSc degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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