Customised Research – A Solution under MiFID II

A Solution under MiFID II

Denny Ellison has been providing customised equity research to asset managers for several years.

With MiFID II coming into force in January of 2018, this service could become useful for even more buy side firms.

Our customised research product is likely to fit in well in a MiFID II environment because:
• It is bespoke and limited in distribution and therefore likely to be deemed ‘substantive’ by the regulators
• Pricing is very transparent: there is a clear link between what an asset manager receives and what it pays for, given that we usually price on a fee per report or fee per project basis

The key characteristics of our bespoke research service are as follows:
• Clients get to choose the company, sector or theme to be analysed
• We do not publish our research but deliver it only to the client that requested it
• We are made up of a team of experienced equity research analysts from both the buy and sell side, with about 15 years of experience, on average
• We can write research globally on a wide range of sectors
• We can offer other equity research-related services such as analyst calls or channel checks
• As mentioned above, payment is on a fee per report/project basis; we can also offer a subscription fee service

We look forward to working with more asset managers in the months leading up to and after the implementation of MiFID II.

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