Denny Ellison’s Training Division Wins Major Clients

Denny Ellison's ATP wins clients

Denny Ellison’s analyst training program (ATP) was formally launched in May of 2016 after a soft-launch in 2014.

The program was created by Denny Ellison’s Head of Analyst Training and COO, Eveline Varin, with support from the company’s MD, Gillian Elcock.

We are pleased to announce that we have already gained a few major investment banking clients for the ATP, and are in discussion with others.

The ATP provides comprehensive training and mentoring services for equity research analysts that are early in their careers. At the moment the program is focused on the sell side, though we do have plans to launch a buy side offering at a later date.

We believe that our training service is differentiated from others because
• It is very targeted, having been designed specifically for ‘early-career’ or ‘junior’ equity research analysts i.e. those with 0-5 years of experience
• It is extremely practical, with several best practice examples and templates given to participants
• It is delivered by trainers who are themselves highly experienced equity research analysts

The aim of the program is to accelerate analysts’ development and increase their productivity, so that they can start contributing to their departments’ revenues more quickly.

We put a special emphasis on how analysts can best add value to the buy side. Our belief is that producing differentiated, substantive research is key to surviving on the sell side today.

We believe that these characteristics have enabled our service to gain traction in the market place very quickly.

Please click here to be taken to Denny Ellison’s ATP website, where you will find more information about the program. You will also be able to download a brochure as well as a detailed report that we wrote after surveying several early-career sell side equity research analysts about the challenges that they face in the workplace.

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